Stop Searching For Positivity, And Start Recognizing.

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Sunlight is a great source of energy which is no surprise. But did you know it gives you positive energy and makes you active for the day? So, I do try to get morning sunlight and fresh air right in the morning.

Staying away from social media:

Well, it’s more than 2 years now, and I don’t really use social media. At this time, whenever I tried to use it, I couldn’t survive in that world because, for me, it’s all the negativity. And such a waste of time. I know, many of us use it as a source of income. But for me, a waste. So, I better prefer not to be on social media.

Morning walks:

Morning walks are really therapy. It makes you fit not just physically but also takes care of your mental health too. Walks are always recommended by doctors just because of their thousands of benefits which are no secret. I prefer 30 minutes of morning brisk walk and sometimes when I don’t get much time, I run for 10–15 minutes. But the point is, I do it. I am consistent and honestly, I enjoy it.

Listening to music:

Music is calm to my soul. I am a great music lover and I can’t really think of a day without music. So, I make sure I get time to listen to some good music at least while walking or sipping through my morning coffee.

Practice mindfulness:

This is something recommended by everyone. But is often misunderstood by its concept. Mindfulness is not something to make you stop thinking about your worse thoughts. This is something that gives you mental clarity so that you work more efficiently and positively towards your thoughts. I devote my 10 minutes to practicing mindfulness. I have to tell you, the results are really amazing.

Read books:

Reading books is one of the ways to develop a different perspective. A different eye to see the world differently. And at the same time, it makes you a more hopeful and positive soul every day bit by bit. No matter how busy my schedule is, I can’t think of a single day without reading. Although, I only get to read for 30–45 minutes a day.

Treating self once in a while:

Treating yourself is the best way to make yourself happy. Your hard work for the whole week needs a rest. It requires you to get a treat and so, here you go. Treat yourself and enjoy the day. I treat myself to my favorite food, watch movies, talk to some old friends, spend time with family, and do lots of chit-chat with siblings.



Author, Writer/ Poet who is always in search for creative plotline. For writing services:

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Ekta Bera

Author, Writer/ Poet who is always in search for creative plotline. For writing services: